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China studies specialist Manel Ollé to coordinate next issue of Communication Papers on China and th

The journal Communication Papers produced by the University of Girona’s ARPA Group is preparing its next issue based on a central dossier on China and the mass media. On this occasion, Professor Manel Ollé of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), who is a specialist in Chinese studies, will be scientific coordinator for the issue.

Manel Ollé is Professor of the History and Culture of Modern and Contemporary China at Pompeu Fabra University’s (UPF) Department of Humanities and coordinator of the UPF’s Master’s in Chinese Studies. He researches maritime China, perceptions of China from Europe, how contemporary Chinese culture is received and mass culture, the Internet and the media in China. Among the positions he holds, he is a visiting researcher at the National Research Center of Overseas Sinology 北京外国语大学中国海外汉学研究 中心 at the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU Beijing).

Professor Ollé is the author of books such as The Enterprise of China: from the Invincible Armada to the Galleon [BG1] of Manila (Acantilado, 2002), Made in China: the social, political and cultural awakening of contemporary China (Destino, 2005) and The arriving China: perspectives of the 21st century (Eumo, 2009). He has translated Stone and brush (Alpha, 2012) and the Gao Xingjian essay The meaning of literature (Empúries, 2004).

This 11th issue of the journal Communication Papers offers researchers, universities, institutions, collectives and professionals the opportunity to participate and shed more light on the global social and cultural implications of the media in China. It is intended as a tool that contributes to mutual understanding between our cultures.

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