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Revista Communication Papers (Media Literacy & Gender Studies)

ISSN: 2014-6752

Grup de Recerca ARPA

Universitat de Girona

Pl. Ferrater Mòra, 1

17071 - Girona

Telf. 972 41 89 68

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Facultat de Turisme (UdG)

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Communication Papers is a scientific research journal, initiative from the 'ARPA research group' of the University of Girona which is integrated in the 'Latin Platform of Communication Journals' (PlatCom). Our objective is to collect articles from the scope of journalism, audiovisual communication and advertising, with particular emphasis on issues that deepen in the treatment of gender and media literacy. 


Carmen Echazarreta Soler, PhD

PhD in Communication (Universitat de Barcelona). Professor of Communication Studies at the Universitat de Girona, Principal Investigator of the ARPA research group, director and editor of the Communication Papers journal. 

She has published articles and book contributions on communication 2.0, semiotic analysis, reception of audiovisual media and the impact of new technologies in education and communication. 

Editorial Coordination

​Núria Puig Borràs

PhD in Communication (Universitat de Girona). Degree in Communication Sciences. Advertising and RRPP. Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Design and development of video games at the Universitat de Girona. 

Editorial Collaborator

​Albert Costa Marcé